What Parent's Say
We are very happy to send our daughter to your school. We have seen improvement in her overall knowledge. She has become very active and skilled over a period of time.
- M. Jeevitha's Parents.
Teachers and staff are very caring. The way of teaching is different from others schools. My daughter understood the concepts very clearly. They emphasize on good habits, good manners, celebrations of all festivals, etc. My child is well–prepared for her next class.
- P. Monisha's Parents.
We are extremely satisfied with the quality of training provided here. The learning process is fun - filled and interactive. This has enhanced my child’s interest in learning. During the theme days, the child actually learns in a very practical manner. My daughter is more disciplined today. All the festivals are celebrated nicely. Thus the child learns not only about our culture but gains exposure to other cultures as well. Thank You Appleseed for developing my child so holistically.
- A.Amritha’s parents.
We always had great confidence in the methods adopted by the Appleseed teachers for imparting education. They involve the children to participate and learn, by doing themselves. We could perceive the growth in our child who in just less than a month of joining Appleseed is able to confidently recite rhymes, read and understand numbers, letters, etc.

More than the academic part, we are happy to see our child growing organised and disciplined. He keeps the footwear in order the moment he reaches home and remembers to keep his bags and belongings in place after use. My child more often goes to school willingly without any hesitation or inhibitions. I am sure that with the help of Appleseed all children will come out with flying colours and will possess a good foundation for their future.

Like an apple, which made newton think and discover gravity, Appleseed will make all children think and discover themselves and indeed do great things as they grow and make the world a great place not just to live…..but also to live happily!
- S. A. Arvind’s parents.